5 Ways Solid SEO and Web Design Work Together to Build Rapport With Google

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Bentley Brayant Creative Communication News   •   November 19, 2019

To appeal to both Google and your users, marry design with SEO.

Do you think of SEO and web design as separate elements of your website?

You shouldn’t.

In fact, to do both correctly, they have to work together. Google cares about how your site looks and feels more than you might think it does. Even if it can’t “see” it the same way a human user can, there are benefits to building a responsive website that will make your SEO more solid than ever.

Building rapport with Google takes more than keyword frequency. Here’s how you can make your website show up higher on search rankings and stand out from the pack:

1. Mobile matters.

At the end of 2017, Google announced on its webmaster blog that it was going to start indexing mobile sites first. Previously, the desktop version of a website was the one that would get indexed. But from then on, Google slowly began rolling out a mobile-first program.

Google knows what it’s doing. According to a Quartz report from media agency Zenith, 70 percent of all web traffic came from smartphones in 2017. And that number is only expected to climb.

If you want to optimize for Google when you design or redesign your site, spend some extra time working on the mobile version, since that’s the one its algorithm is going to be looking at. How responsive is your text? Your pictures? Is everything tagged the same way it is on your regular site?

Using the mobile version as your main test bed — as Google will — is the best way to ensure you get all the elements right. Designing your site carefully for mobile devices will make your SEO better.

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