A Billion Dollars Valuation Journey Starts From A Perfect Logo Design!

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Bentley Brayant Creative Communication News   •   October 31, 2019

The significance of a brand logo requires no reiteration.

The “Three Stripes” of Adidas or KFC’s “Colonel Sanders” with a wide grin–The significance of a brand logo require no reiteration. No wonder companies splurge when it comes to creating an identity for their brand. Take the English Oil Group BP, for instance. The company paid a whopping £136 million (US$211 million) towards introducing their famous sunflower logo.

For the greater part, company logos help connect with audiences and consumers at large, without the need to mention the business name. Think of the famous Apple logo with a bite taken out of the apple or the golden arches of McDonald. They readily conjure the image of the brand as a reputed and trusted name in their field.

What’s even more interesting, all of the aforementioned brands carefully invested a significant amount on their brand identity realising the potential of it. Today, most of these brands are worth billions of dollars.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report (2019), more than 80 percent consumers held brand trust as one of the t