A Billion Dollars Valuation Journey Starts From A Perfect Logo Design!

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Bentley Brayant Creative Communication News   •   October 31, 2019

The significance of a brand logo requires no reiteration.

The “Three Stripes” of Adidas or KFC’s “Colonel Sanders” with a wide grin–The significance of a brand logo require no reiteration. No wonder companies splurge when it comes to creating an identity for their brand. Take the English Oil Group BP, for instance. The company paid a whopping £136 million (US$211 million) towards introducing their famous sunflower logo.

For the greater part, company logos help connect with audiences and consumers at large, without the need to mention the business name. Think of the famous Apple logo with a bite taken out of the apple or the golden arches of McDonald. They readily conjure the image of the brand as a reputed and trusted name in their field.

What’s even more interesting, all of the aforementioned brands carefully invested a significant amount on their brand identity realising the potential of it. Today, most of these brands are worth billions of dollars.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report (2019), more than 80 percent consumers held brand trust as one of the top contributing factors to impact purchase decisions. The keyword here is “Recognition,” which is the stepping stone for a billion-dollar journey for any business.

No matter what size your business is, you can have the logo written or designed in a plethora of colours and styles. However, if it fails to deliver the punch, it’s a dead end. Here’s decoding the essence of a logo for a brand, and how it affects the prospect of business.

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It Helps To Nail Your Branding

While branding still remains a marketing practice by definition, it is one single activity that contributes towards creating a memorable impression, thus setting the expectation level right. Branding not only helps in the perception of a brand but also contributes to creating awareness.

A big part of branding is logo design, after all, your logo is the face of the company, and that is why a logo needs to be powerful, yet uniquely memorable.

You see, with logos, it’s not always a “love-at-first-sight” scenario. As a matter of fact, a lot of big brands who have had phenomenal success with their logos, experienced slow romance before they got accepted big. That being said, a logo is what puts your branding goals in perspective.

When done correctly, it leads to the future of a business by adding leverage to the company. Once the brand name is firmly established across the marketplace, it makes an exciting proposition for investors to grow curious about your business.

A perfect logo can significantly impact your visual branding decisions pertaining to a set of colours and font that does the magic. In other words, it sets a brand guideline, which in turn facilitates visual consistency and imparts memorability to your business propelling forward. Even if your logo is devoid of a particular typeface, the style and font itself deliver the much-needed groundwork for all efforts geared towards future branding initiatives.

It Renders The “Professional” Touch

Logos depict how professional your business is. Normally, people tend to react positively towards a company that has a great logo in place to readily connect and look up to them for delivering quality services answering their needs.

Hence, they tend to become trustworthy in the long run. With a well-to-do logo across digital presence like websites as well as other marketing collaterals, one has a better chance of delivering a message of authenticity and reliability from close quarters. Hence, it becomes all the way more important for a logo to be original and uncomplicated for more people to understand, absorb, and connect.

It Works Towards Making You Competitive

Every business wants to grab a prominent share of the marketplace. With perfect logo design, a customer can access the quality of products and services. In other words, it can render your brand to emerge highly competitive over others in a similar business. Hence, all global players look towards creating a unique logo that helps define their business and stand out from their competitors.

If you are looking to profit from selling a range of merchandise, putting your company logo or emblem to it adds a wow factor that is bound to entice one and all. Always check that your brand logo is never a fancy picture. Additionally, it shouldn’t be a rip off from another brand in a similar business. It should essentially be an original artwork that makes brand reputation plausible.

It Makes Your Business Appear Legitimate

No matter how big or small, it’s always hard to start a business. It’s doubly hard when you are asking someone (a consumer) to trust you when you are sceptical about your own venture. With a range of obstacles that are akin to any start-up, it’s not unnatural to lose confidence. With several curveballs headed your way, it could be a superficial situation for anybody. Delightfully, a logo can help set things right. Not only it renders tangibility to the scenario, but it also offers a solid base to build trust coming from people all around. For instance, when you are looking to submit a proposal or kick-start crowdfunding, it’s your logo that does the trick. As an added step, you might as well get your logo printed across T-shirts and caps and flaunt them to achieve legal status for your company and people who work alongside.

 Final Words

So, you see, it all begins with a logo – A simple piece of artwork that has the potential to make or break a business. Before you decide on your brand logo, it is utmost vital that you spend a considerable amount of time in research, take a cue from major players who have done it right. Think about all those attributes that make your brand special and those that will buy you recognition in the long run. Remember to include all such little attributes and features of your product and services into play when designing your logo.