Business Card Etiquette that You Must Follow

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Bentley Brayant Creative Communication News   •   October 24, 2019

Know when and where to hand-out cards

Having a business card is the most effective way of marketing yourself, especially during professional gatherings. Thirty seconds is what people have to make a great impression to the public no matter what kind of industry they’re in. This is the very reason why many of them couldn’t afford to have the wrong impression. There is almost no room even with small mistakes.

Professionals attend networking events to extend their scope of influence. It is done by fishing new clients and attracting new partners and investors and most importantly boosting the rand awareness. Before these events, everything must be planned in advance including outfits, speech, and follow-up schedules.

Wait, are we missing something? Yes, definitely. Where is your business card? Presenting your outside features can be summarised with this small piece of professional must-haves.

Here are the basic business card etiquettes that can help you improve your market value:


1. Business cards must be kept on-hand

A business card that cannot be reached within 10 seconds is useless. Giving someone your business card is a way of keeping a new connection. Before leaving home, make sure you have a few business cards inside your wallet or bag for chance encounters. Having business cards is also a way to appear professional and be more prominent when you have presentable contact information. You could find a lifetime business partner by means of having these necessities.

2. Give your business card only to relevant people

You are not just trying to widen your market. You are looking for the most potential people that you could gain benefits. For starters, hand-out cards to those people you’ve assessed. Never give it to all attendees like treats. Try to remember all of those people that got your card for you to know what kind of response to give if ever they send you an email.

3. Know when and where to hand-out cards

Do not hand-out business cards whenever you want. Every time is not the perfect moment. Be sensitive and observant at all times. Do not introduce your business concerns during inappropriate times like wedding ceremonies and mourning death. This will make you come off as a very insensible person who just seeks monetary benefits from other people.

First impressions usually last in the world of business. Be precautious of the things that can instantly ruin your reputation.

4. Give only to those who are interested

It is better to give than to receive. Well, it is not applied here. Give your card to those who ask for it and ask for their card in return. By exchanging cards with someone, you will gain access to relevant information.

5. Perfect Your Presentation

If it is not your forte to make business cards, it would be better to let the printing shops lay it out for you. Sometimes you can market yourself by the quality of your business card itself.

6. Keep it in Good Condition

Business Card is one of the best ways to promote you. Consider buying a protective acrylic box like the packaging of play cards. This will protect them from distortion. Make it printed on well-chosen graphic materials that are waterproof and tear-resistant.

Follow these business card etiquette and you are one step ahead to closing a great deal. It might seem to be simple and unnecessary but you will never know unless you experience its advantages.

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