Are Business Cards Dead?

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Bentley Brayant Creative Communication News   •   August 2017

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Always be ready when the question is posed, “Do you have a card?”

Despite being anchored by a history stretching back over 500 years- having its roots in China before being accepted by the European aristocrats in the 17th century to mark their visits- some people now tout the demise of business cards, with younger and tech-savvy employees preferring to exchange Twitter handles or connect on LinkedIn. According to them, business cards are the last vestiges of the former epoch of print and paper.

Those people couldn’t have been more wrong!

Contrary to popular belief, a survey of over 1000 businesses, conducted by the global crowdsourcing marketplace, DesignCrowd, reveals that the dawn of business card is far from waning. In fact, the meek business card is taking on a new lease of life; embracing new technologies, evolving in style and design, and catering to the needs of the wave of entrepreneurs and start-ups flooding the market place. The study revealed that more than 84% people still hand out business cards when they come across new contacts, while those on the receiving end also find it useful, with more than 65% either placing the card in a rolodex or entering the details into their smartphone immediately!

Business cards still work. They are efficient, easy to carry and easily exchanged. You can take a photo of the card later and enter the data into the contact list.  The card shows a little about you and your brand and your website all on a piece of cardboard that is tiny. It does show that you want to build relationships and you want people to know how to reach you.

You might get to a place in your career where you don’t need a card. I doubt that Pope Francis or Jay Z carry cards. Until you reach that status, carry a card. Being out there in the workplace without a business card is like being in the Wild West without a horse.

What you choose to do with collected cards after the information is entered into a database is up to you. At that point it doesn’t matter. You can even put them in the Rolodex you privately keep under your desk and spin it around now and again. Your card is just another little part of your brand. Why make it hard for any one to reach you?Always be ready when the question is posed, “Do you have a card?” 

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This article contains extracts from articles previously published by Evan Brown & Richard Moran